About Don Hicks

I am blessed to live here in Robson Ranch, Texas, and as a Resident Realtor, I see many outside Realtors miss key opportunities to serve their clients. Let me explain…. Robson Ranch (RR) is a market of its own. It’s unlike other cities or neighborhoods. There is only one builder: “Robson.” In the first 20 years, Robson averaged less than 130 houses a year using their standards. Residents love it here and don’t want to leave. People from all over Texas and the country live here or want to live here. Many preowned houses are sold quickly, many in cash. As a result, buyers who contact their friend, relative, or the “discount agent” to help them buy or sell a home in Robson Ranch often miss out. Their agent can’t show the house to the impulse buyer or be there in a hurry to accommodate someone’s schedule. They often don’t know the Robson building or HOA standards. They’re not seeing the homes that are being bought and sold quickly, and they miss out on these opportunities.
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This is why it’s important to work with a Realtor who not only knows the pulse of the Robson Ranch market, but also lives in the community. Every home in Robson Ranch is 5 minutes from my house. Seasoned resident agents sell more homes and have fewer transactional issues in Robson Ranch than agents who are non-residents.

It’s no secret that real estate for many agents seems to be a “commission first” world. Frankly, I focus solely on Robson Ranch clients and their needs. I place God and honesty above commissions. I believe good income is a by-product of good service.

Other than real estate in Robson Ranch, my wife and I enjoy raising purple martins (about a 100 in the first two years); studying the Bible; and taking advantage of various art classes, activities, events, and continuous learning opportunities here at the ranch.

If you’re interested in buying or selling a home in Robson Ranch, I would value the opportunity to talk with you about your needs. Give me a call or text today so I can help you with your Robson Ranch real estate desires.

What Clients Have to Say

Don Hicks is one of the best real estate agents you can find! He is thorough and professional and great to work with. He keeps you apprised about available appointments and always lets you know as soon as a new home comes on the market. He is honest and forthright—no games. After dealing with several other brokers in the area and being disappointed, I felt lucky to have found a really good agent in Don.
Dave E.
In September 2021, my sister and I were tasked with selling our father's house in Robson Ranch. While doing the estate sale, Don stopped by and after checking out the sale, he said he could help advise us on the current market in the area. Don was very knowledgeable about the area and what the housing market was doing in that neighborhood. Several days later, he stopped by to check on our progress and this time he had a detailed information packet on all the current listings and past sales, breaking them down into several different categories. This information helped us in determining our listing price and what we were willing to accept when we started receiving offers. Don was spot-on with the listing price and the what we would be offered. Don was also very helpful with prepping the house by knowing the local cleaning companies and handyman services. Throughout the experience, he was an asset and I would recommend him for any sales or purchases in the Robson Ranch area.
Tim F.

Experience a seamless Robson Ranch real estate transaction

You might be anxious about finding the right home in what I think is the best retirement community in Texas. Or you might be worried about finding the best buyer for your home in Robson Ranch.

Either way, we’re here to help with our resident realtor knowledge and personal touch to give you a seamless Robson Ranch real estate transaction.